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Tharen Mediation.

Dispute resolution that fits your family's unique needs.

Available on evenings and weekends.



Learn to communicate effectively and openly about your family law issues with the help of a neutral third party.


Don’t let someone else decide what’s best for yourself and your family, coming to a reasonable compromise is possible.


With the help of mediation, you can make moving on easy with a resolution that fits you and your family best.

Meet Vanessa.

Hi, I'm Vanessa Tharen. I am a certified Family Mediator with accreditation from the Ontario Association of Family Mediators or OAFM for short. I am passionate about seeing families allow themselves another chance at a positive life after separation and divorce. I am here to help conflicting couples by mitigating the
hardships that are often involved in the process that follows two parents deciding to move on apart.

I believe that co-parenting families can flourish beautifully, and I live by the saying that two happy parents apart are always better than two unhappy parents together.

Going through mediation with me is a problem-solving hack for families who are determined to find a resolution that keeps life on the right track. I have specialized my practice in assisting parents in developing effective and creative Parenting Plans to reduce conflict in their co-parenting relationships.

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